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9 Things To Consider When Hiring Builders Cranleigh Wide

Your home is a long-term investment, so perhaps it must be built to last for years. In the same sense, you are also investing in the skills and expertise of builders Cranleigh wide, who will be putting together every element precisely to achieve the house of your dreams. However, this is not the only basis when hiring contractors.

There are plenty of other things you must look into and scrutinise when hiring a team of engineers, architects, handymen, and so on. Here are some you should keep in mind when you are on the hunt for a builder:


Some builders are notorious for not following time accurately, overestimating or underestimating budgets, or others. Such negative remarks may cause the company to roll downhill. As such, the cornerstone of a successful luxury development is working with a builder in Surrey that can offer complete reliability. Testimonials are the ideal window into how well the builders can be expected to perform.

Varied skillset

The ideal design and build partnership should offer the highest level of professional expertise in each discipline. Be wary of companies that promise everything. Instead, look for specialisation combined with established networks. For example, a company focused on structural designs should have a team of expert and renowned architects to effectively execute a project.


For state of the art structures and construction designs, builders Surrey wide must continuously wield and invest in new technologies and operations. This ensures that the project benefits from cutting edge innovation. A bit of research can help separate the wheat from the chaff. The design and build team should be able to answer any questions about their investment strategies.


A disorganised team will result in a disorganised project outcome. Both the design and builders Cranleigh based teams must maintain open communication to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Signs of a good organisation include rapid and concise responses to emails, a professional demeanour, and a general atmosphere of calm confidence.


First thing’s first: create a budget plan that perfectly matches your dream home’s style and location. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s really important because your budget plays a huge role in your house’s style and where you want it built. Be prepared to inform them of your maximum budget before proceeding with anything, as they will work around it and give you the best outcome within the set limitations. It never hurts to go ahead and get a pre-approval letter drafted from your lender and explore the type of loan that is right for you.


Quality is key. This is a great way to evaluate a potential home builder. You want a builder who is savvy in working with your budget, but you don’t want a penny pincher who will skimp out on safety. Even if you save some cash by cutting corners, you may end up dolling out more costs in the future due to shoddy work. You should also make sure you invest in things that can’t be readily replaced on that topic. For example, even though you may want to splurge on those granite countertops totally, it may be wiser to put that cash towards a more energy-efficient HVAC system, unless you have the budget for both! After all, these will save you money throughout the years. A good builder in Surrey will have already established relationships with local contractors that will save you time and money during this process.


While it is true that just about anyone can call themselves a builder, good builders will have registered with a trade association that will carry out a vetting process to ensure they are operating correctly. Look for the logos of well-known associations on the builders’ paperwork and check that they are registered using the relevant online check-a-member services. There are plenty of contractors that use others’ logos illegally.


While there are contractors that can almost do any construction, there are some builders Surrey wide that only focus on one or two specialisations. They are exceptionally good and well-known for it! Some will be extension specialists; others will prefer loft conversions, some will do commercial work. In contrast, one-person band builders might prefer to do smaller jobbing projects. Ask them to do something unfamiliar, and you may end up being disappointed.

Legal contracts

If a builder is reluctant or does not provide a contract, let go of them and find another contractor. There are far too many unforeseen issues that can crop up and cause major problems not to write explaining what will happen in these scenarios. A contract will specify the client and builder obligations in various circumstances. You will need this should you want to have a leg to stand on.

Not only will you be putting in money into building your house but also time and energy – of course, you want to make it worthwhile. The same goes for builders Cranleigh wide as they will be using their company’s and personal resources to ensure that your house is built the way you exactly imagined it to be. Let them know of your plans and ambitions for your house, and these contractors will exert their full efforts to achieve it and bring you happiness, contentment, and a place you can call yours.